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Corporate MBE Advisory Council
ICV's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Initiative is an effort to create a dialogue with corporations regarding ways that mergers and acquisitions, along with private equity, can be used to create MBEs of scale. As part of this initiative, we have established a network of several Fortune 500 corporations who share this common goal and are considered leaders in their commitment to supplier diversity. The MBE Advisory Group serves as a resource to ICV on diverse supplier initiatives, industry knowledge on certain end markets and general industry trends.

ICV can add value to an existing corporate commitment to MBE supplier or vendor development by:

  • investing control capital in an existing MBE supplier,
  • creating a new MBE supplier by acquiring an existing non-MBE supplier,
  • providing goods or services through an ICV platform company and/or
  • purchasing a non-core operating division.
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