Value-Added Investors

Over nearly two decades of experience in working with lower middle market companies, ICV has found that the key functional areas (“IKFA”) for improving performance and operating results are the same for every company across all industries.

Our most successful investments have resulted from
successfully driving improvements in IKFA

Winning Formula

ICV’s differentiated standard operating procedures (ISOPs) drives value creation process.

  • Score each IKFA to assess performance and upside opportunity
  • Develop a plan to improve each IKFA, with an emphasis on areas with the lowest scores
  • Proprietary database of approximately 70 operating executives that cover many industries and functions
  • Third party consultant firms and outside board members provide an independent viewpoint
  • Director of Portfolio Operations with substantial experience as a consultant/operations executive (John Wallace)
  • Build trust relationships with management
  • Develop shared vision plan and strategic initiatives
  • Show management how they make money from business performance
  • A set of objectives is developed for each IKFA manager with bonuses tied to performance results against key strategic initiatives established at IOR
  • ITRAC is a part of the company monthly package and quarterly board reporting package and tracks progress against bonus objectives
  • Compare actual financial performance to management projections and quantify value created or lost
  • Evaluate status of the IOR initiatives