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Sterling Foods
- Case Study

Company Overview
The leading manufacturer of extended shelf-life bakery and snack food products sold to the military.

ICV Value-Add
Through ICV’s supplier-diversity relationships and the firm's classification as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), we helped Sterling to achieve significant incremental revenues through introductions to several large food service customers. We also helped Sterling to diversify its business into the commercial bakery and neutraceutical markets. ICV added over $15 million of production assets for business growth and completed an add-on acquisition of a leading baked-goods company to the educational market.

Sterling’s Results
The company successfully grew revenues from its military roots by 170% during ICV's ownership period. Sterling significantly grew into the commercial and educational segment, making the business more well diversified.

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AAMP of America
- Case Study

Company Overview
The leading marketer and distributor of 12-volt aftermarket audio accessories products to the specialty installers market.

ICV Value-Add
We assisted AAMP in expanding its distribution channels to include mass market retailers. ICV also sourced, financed and closed several add-on acquisitions including new technology which was immediately revenue-generating.

AAMP’s Results
Net sales grew by 31% during our four year investment period. AAMP successfully entered the chain mass market and home audio markets. AAMP introduced several highly successful new products. AAMP successfully implemented a new MIS system and improved warehouse efficiency. Several key hires were made including a CFO and Director of Business Development. Lastly, AAMP completed an add-on acquisition and expanded its market penetration.

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Marshall Retail Group
- Case Study

Company Overview
The leading independent specialty retailer to the casino market in Las Vegas.

ICV Value-Add
ICV recruited a seasoned retail executive to the board to share industry insights, and added $3 million of incremental revenues through its diversity supplier relationships.

Marshall’s Results
Marshall made some key management hires including adding a President, CFO, Merchandising Managers, and Director of Operations. The company invested $4.7 million to develop and grow from 40 locations to 55, and entered the Atlantic City market. Sales grew by 75% and EBITDA doubled during ICV's two-year ownership period.

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The Hilsinger Company
- Case Study

Company Overview
The leading provider of eyewear and eyecare accessory products and supplies.

ICV Value-Add
We helped Hilsinger expand its presence within the core optical market by penetrating new mass market channels. Additionally, ICV sourced, financed and closed three add-on acquisitions to further expand its already large number of products offered.

Hilsinger’s Results
The company successfully grew sales by 36% and grew EBITDA by 38% during our investment period. Hilco introduced several successful new products in the safety frame, sport and lens cleaner category.

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Innovative Folding Carton Co.
- Case Study

Company Overview
The leading manufacturer of folded carton packaging to the nutraceutical, cosmetics and OTC pharmaceutical industries.

ICV Value-Add
Through ICV’s supplier diversity relationships, we helped Innovative to secure two contracts with large customers. ICV supported the launch of a lean manufacturing initiative that improved gross margins by 240 bps and grew EBITDA by 26%.

Innovative’s Results
The company successfully increased its sales force to capitalize on new market opportunities and added 196 new customers. Additionally, Innovative hired a CFO with strong financial skills and manufacturing experience to round out the management team.

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