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As innovative, lower middle market specialists, ICV supports management teams of leading companies at the lower end of the middle market with the capital, resources and expertise to see them through the journey ahead and beyond.

Portfolio Investment Headquarters

Our Approach

We rely on the talents of experienced management teams to run the day to day operations of our partner companies. Through board level support we assist these leading lower middle market companies to increase revenues and build long term value.


When we find an opportunity to partner with a company we work with the current owners and management team to create a structure that works for all involved.

Managed Risk

ICV invests significant cash equity in a company, typically 45% to 55% of the transaction value. The balance of the transaction is funded with senior debt only.


Management always has a meaningful equity position, and a performance-based incentive program is instituted to allow the management team to receive disproportionate benefit from the equity appreciation they create.

Experienced Management

Our multi-cultural firm is uniquely diverse and rare in the private-equity community. At ICV, the principals come from humble beginnings and appreciate a middle market company’s desire for relevance and opportunity.